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Nervous energy

I made this drawing last week while I was sitting in the food court at the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport, waiting for a plane. It is a memory of Venetian lace, a bit out of control. Drawing helped keep me relaxed, and it helped pass the time. On Tuesday, December 8, I left Venice to travel to Des Moines, Iowa, on what turned out to be a 48-hour trip (usually 17 to 20 hours). The trans-Atlantic flight was fine, but when I arrived at JFK, I found that I would have to spend the night in Minneapolis because Des Moines was in the midst of a major blizzard. The 2 hour 40 minute JFK to MPLS involved a very troubled passenger in the seat in front of me who had a serious mental breakdown, chemical imbalance, substance abuse, or all of the above. Fortunately, a doctor was aboard, and also a personal coach who provided an extraordinary intervention to keep the passenger focused on here and now. When we landed, police came aboard to remove the passenger - and, I hope, give him medical aid. I spent Tuesday night in a hotel near the airport. On Wednesday, the blizzard kept delaying my departure, so I ended up making my first trip to Mall of America by hotel shuttle bus. It's really big. I had to kill a lot of time at the airport. This is when I made the drawing (on the same page with an inventory of my engravings at the Scuola di Grafica in Venice). My flight finally left Minneapolis at 8 pm. When we landed in Des Moines at 9 pm, it was 3 degrees F. and 15 inches of snow on the ground. No cabs. Finally, after an hour I was able to share a cab, which crawled through the snow, but it couldn't get near my street. I went to a friend's on a passable street and left my luggage there. They dressed me for a blizzard and I walked through wind, cold, and drifts, and finally made it to my destination. Fortunately, thanks to the huge snowfall, I did not have to go to work on Thursday.
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