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Istanbul in Venice

This morning, I went to the Rialto market to buy fish for lunch, then continued on to Piazza San Marco. I am collecting 2- to 3-inch long bird feathers (related to an engraving I am making right now) and Piazza SM is still the best place to find them. I wandered around the square picking up feathers, then ended up alongside the Doge's palace, where I couldn't help being greatly amused by the advertising on the cloth covering the scaffolding on the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana. "Istanbul inspirations." Worth a drawing for sure. Fabulous historic irony. Nice type face too. The Soprintendenza di Belle Arti has been roundly criticized for the advertising (too many suggestive photos) they have been allowing to appear on scaffolding of monuments that are being restored. They claim that it is a way of generating revenue for restorations. So to have a scaffolding cover on the Marciana that says "Istanbul, la citta' piu' suggestiva del mondo" is a nice touch. Somewhere, a bureaucrat is laughing. Anyway, I sat on a passarella (walkway for acqua alta) and drew this.

Here is a link to the "Istanbul inspirations" ad campaign.

And here is some info from the about the billboard:
“Most inspiring city in the world”
Containing different messages, mottos and visuals for inland and abroad, the campaign suggests a long-term ad challenging positioning for Istanbul especially by its global part which is designed for abroad. The slogan ‘Istanbul: the most inspiring city in the world’ gives a new positioning to Istanbul by featuring an Istanbul silhouette accompanied by the motto ‘Istanbul Inspirations’ specially designed for this campaign which is intended to set Istanbul in the same category as the prominent metropolises of the world but with a “self-confident and dignified” stand, as put by the architects of the campaign
The Istanbul silhouette of the historical peninsula, determined to be the main carrier of the campaign for abroad, has been designed after a long and detailed work by Rainer Strattman, world-famous silhouette photographer. This silhouette is intended to create a “visual icon” that would automatically come to mind when mentioned the name “Istanbul” and; would immediately remind of Istanbul, when spotted. As constituted by a careful work of combining nearly 30 photographs taken from various locations, this silhouette gets to be the main material of the gigantic billboards that are placed in crucial points in Europe, such as Piazza San Marco in Venice and Gare du Nord in Paris.
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