printperson (printperson) wrote,

Duomo, Castelfranco Veneto

Yesterday, we went to see the Giorgione exhibition (500 year anniversary of his death) in Castelfranco Veneto. Giorgione is a complex problem, with very many attributions and few certain works. Some are glorious, many are doubtful. Eighteen paintings attributed to G are in the show, plus documents and many contemporaries' engravings, drawings, objects, and books. They made some good points with the supporting material. I really liked the frescoed frieze of scholars', artisans', and warriors' instruments. After spending three hours in the exhibition and a break for a very late lunch, we went into the Duomo to see the Giorgione altarpiece there, walled off from the main part of the church. I returned to the nave to draw.
Tags: castelfranco veneto, giorgione
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