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June flowers

(l) Oleander branch from our garden; (r) flowers in a garden on the Giudecca

flowers in a garden on the Giudecca

Finally, back to drawing. This month too many things got in the way. The oleanders in the garden are blooming wildly. For the past several years, in June we have gone to see private gardens with an association that organizes such visits. Yesterday, we went to see a remarkable private garden on the Giudecca. The owner lets the plants tell her where they want to be planted, so follows no conventional rules. She says her system is bio-dynamic. She uses a pendulum (like making decisions with a ouija board?) to determine what to buy, where to plant it. Even if the system sounds mystical, her results are extraordinary. She has lots of old varieties of roses; sixty clematis vines.
Tags: flowers, giudecca
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