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Palio di Montagnana

At the Palio of Montagnana (provincia di Padova, ten towns compete each year in a bareback horserace. Montagnana is one of the remaining walled town of the Veneto, with a complete set of walls and a wide moat. This annual event is full of pagentry, including a splendid parade and various contests. Each comune sends a large band of drums and trumpets, plus banner carriers, sbandieratori (flag throwers), and people dressed in various medieval costumes. I went to the Palio yesterday with a group of our friends, and as guests of the mayor we had good seats in the reviewing stands. My watercolor captures some of the colors and sense of the parade. The horse races were too exciting and fast to do anything but watch. This was much more down home than the Palio of Siena, which I saw in about 1987, standing for hours with 8-year old Marzapane on my shoulders in the midst of the Piazza Pubblico along with tens of thousands of other people.

From the second half of July through August, I didn't do any drawings. Festa del Redentore, RAGBRAI, a wedding in Minnesota, the Iowa State Fair, Owlfish and Marzapane's visits, all unrecorded.
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