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Alpine flowers

We spent five days in the Dolomites, at friends' home near Pieve di Livinallonga di Col di Lana (Arabba). On our hikes and walks, I made drawings of flowers. Compared to our stay there two years ago (we were there in mid-July then), this year there were fewer flowers. And I recall being in the Dolomites in the month of June, a number of years ago, when the wildflowers were far more abundant.
In the middle drawing, top right, the small figure is owlfish, walking down a trail.
When I was changing out of my hiking books at Lago di Fedaia, my camera slipped out of my pocket and crashed on the parking lot asphalt. I discovered that I can still take photos, but the hard fall ruined the display screen circuitry, so I can't actually see what I am taking until I hook the camera up to the computer. I will try to take a better photo, but am literally shooting blind.
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