printperson (printperson) wrote,

Apotheosis at Marston Hall

I have not posted anything since returning from Australia and New Zealand. Now, in late April, I am finally getting around to posting my newest engraving, Apotheosis at Marston Mall. Because it was a commissionesd work for Iowa State University's College of Engineering, I did not write or show progress reports on LJ. But now that the edition is printed and delivered, I think it is alright to share it with the world. I drew on site in October, made the engraved plate in January to early March. The edition was printed in Venice in March and April.

The building is Marston Hall, completed in 1905. The facade featured the four Muses of Engineering, the four divisions of the college at that time. I brought them down to earth, and added eight additional Muses to reflect the current number of engineering divisions at ISU.
Tags: engraving, iowa state university, marston hall, muses

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