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1st-May-2013 08:15 pm - Wisteria 2013
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2013 was the best year year yet for our wisteria. I made dozens of drawings, relearning the structure. Here are a few of them.

Wisteria 2013 (6)
Wisteria 2013 (5)
Wisteria 2013 (1)
Wisteria 2013 (3)
Wisteria 2013 (2)
Wisteria 2013 (4)
7th-Jan-2013 07:59 pm - Two ways to peel clementini
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Orange peels and table cloth 3
Orange peels and table cloth 2
Orange peels and table cloth 1
Orange peels and ponte Sant'Agostin
My husband elegantly peels clementini in spirals. I peel them ineptly into ragged stars. I save the peels to draw. Some of these are on a tablecloth with an 18th century design of long-tailed poultry in a garden.
12th-Nov-2012 10:13 am - Vongole veraci
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Vongole (3)
Vongole (2)
Vongole (1)

Saturday mornings, I frequently go to the Rialto market to buy fish. Saturday, we ate salmon. Yesterday, we ate spaghetti alle vongole at lunch, and clam chowder for dinner (and San Martin for dessert).
11th-Nov-2012 09:17 pm - Better late than never
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San Martin 2011 (1)
San Martin 2011
Evidently, I never posted the 2011 San Martin cookie drawings, so I am posting them now, a year late.
11th-Nov-2012 08:48 pm - festa di San Martin 2012
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San Martin 2012

The quality of San Martin cookies is surely declining. I went out this afternoon (granted, a Sunday afternoon, after a serious acqua alta) to buy one and did not like what was on offer. Clearly, people with no sense of what the decorations should look like are making them. Tonolo was closed. Vizio Virtù had very arty ones, not gaudy-tacky enough. Rizzardini's were covered with tiny little puffs. One shop had sucking candies (for goodness sake!), not chocolates, on them. I finally settled for this one at the Rizzo in called dei Boteri. I have been drawing San Martin cookies since 2008 (see tag).
14th-Sep-2012 09:27 pm - My website is back
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This is a link to my website

It had been hacked but is back now.
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Waiting for the rally to begin. It was held in the 1870s farm town section of Living History Farms.
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Here are some drawings I made this summer but did not get around to posting until now.

Little Grouting.

My only day at the beach this summer

TFW said, if I had made this drawing of beach umbrellas 100 years ago, it would have been an early modern masterpiece.
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China drawings (10) cropped

Beijing, Forbidden City
Beijing, Forbidden City

China drawings (5)
Badaling, Great Wall

China drawings (2)
Bouquet I received in Hebei

I was in China (Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing, and Hebei) from May 29 to June 5. It was a long way to go for such a short trip, but the circumstances of my trip were extraordinary. I did not have much opportunity to draw because my time was not really my own to organize, but I could not do nothing. I grabbed the time where I could. The drawings from the Forbidden City were done while walking at a brisk pace. The facade in Shanghai was drawn in 15 minutes. I drew the bouquet to help me stay awake.
25th-Apr-2012 09:05 pm - Apotheosis at Marston Hall
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I have not posted anything since returning from Australia and New Zealand. Now, in late April, I am finally getting around to posting my newest engraving, Apotheosis at Marston Mall. Because it was a commissionesd work for Iowa State University's College of Engineering, I did not write or show progress reports on LJ. But now that the edition is printed and delivered, I think it is alright to share it with the world. I drew on site in October, made the engraved plate in January to early March. The edition was printed in Venice in March and April.

The building is Marston Hall, completed in 1905. The facade featured the four Muses of Engineering, the four divisions of the college at that time. I brought them down to earth, and added eight additional Muses to reflect the current number of engineering divisions at ISU.
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